Fog and Sweet Scents

We have had a few days of fog now. It stays most of the day, it was even around last night. I never get tired of photography fog. I find it is very soothing and interesting looking.

This one below was on Thursday, earlier during the day.

For the sweet scents, I wanted to share a link with you.
I don't like chemical stuff in my house, especially air fresheners and scented candles.
I found out about this site this week and tried one of the recipes.
It's the old fashion way of making your house smell lovely, the only downfall is having your
stove on for a longer period of time.
I left mine on for about four hours I think on the lowest setting.
I stirred and added water as necessary.
The stirring really helps spread the smell!
The one recipe I tried had vanilla and orange peels.
For more recipes, visit 13 simmering pots recipes.
Our house smelled lovely all afternoon.


  1. Now that is foggy and fabulous! Beautiful images. :) I found out the scent of citrus is very good for clearing the mind and helps with fibro fog so the simmering pot and the landscape images go together perfectly.


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