reversible placemats and banana chips

I am almost finished our reversible quilted holiday placemats! They just need binding, which I don't have any fabric for at the moment, so these will have to wait for a little bit.

We have had a dehydrator for about five years now, and we love making banana chips with it. Celeste has been helping me a lot with this lately, she cuts the bananas and places them neatly on the trays. They cook in there all day long and our house smells like bananas! My kids and myself love these inexpensive little healthy snacks!

Here are they are all ready!


  1. cute placemats! and what a great helper you have. we don't buy as many bananas as you do, but when we have leftovers, we make banana chocolate chip cake. not so healthy : )

  2. Lovely placemats!! Those banana chips look yummy, I still need to get one of those dehydrators. What kind is your again?

  3. I would love to have a dehydrator. My family lives in the Okanagan Valley where they have access to lots of fruit trees. My dad dries plums and apples and it always makes me wish we had a dehydrator too (and that I lived in the Okanagan again).

    The place mats are great!

  4. Great job Alex!! I LOOOOOVE banana chips...yummy!

  5. Really adore your reversable place-mats. I am hoping to invest in a dehydrator one-day then I too can have banana chips, I've recently developed a liking for them.


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