Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Art, games and more NaNoWriMo !

This week was great again for our NaNoWriMo challenge, our word counts kept climbing all week and I am super proud of all the writing my children have done. To be clear, I haven't read any of it, but I am very impressed that they are sticking with it and getting their writing done every day. Some days are harder than others, for me as well, but we are almost done now! At last count, Andre had 4,100 words and Adrienne had 4,071. They both have a goal of 5,000 words for their NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program. I am currently at 44,012 words, with a goal of 50,000 for the regular NaNoWriMo.

Adrienne has a new writing spot:

And Celeste is continuing on writing and counting her words:

We covered Math this week too, and Celeste did two days of handwriting (on top of the copywork she gave herself!) and practiced her reading, along with her math. I guess my bed is a good spot for Math!  

We read more about Canadian History, going to the West Coast and making a little detour to read about Captain James Cook. We finished the week by learning about the Overlanders and the Fraser River Gold Rush. We looked through William Hind's sketchbook from 1862 at the Archives of Canada website. Adrienne read "A Trail of Broken Dreams: The Gold Rush Diary of Harriet Palmer, Overland to Caribook, 1862" from the Dear Canada series. At the back of the book we found the historical note very interesting so I read it aloud for all of us to enjoy.

One of William Hind's sketches:

We spent Friday afternoon doing some art from the Watercolour for the Artistically Undiscovered workbook. This time we took our splatter paintings and cut them in whatever shapes we felt like and made new pictures from those cuttings. We all enjoyed this activity and I loved seeing the creativity of each of my children come through:

Andre's page:

I love this guy, the Disco Man, from Andre's page!

 and how about this Dead Turtle, also from Andre?

These aliens are from Celeste's page:

Adrienne's page included this beautiful girl with crown and dress:

Flower from Adrienne:

and of course, a skull!

Celeste and I have been working on a holiday garland made of felt. She is helping me sew a blanket stitch around these little circles of felt:

Here are some of the finished ones:

If you would like the directions, click here.  They are fun and easy to make!

This wrap-up post finishes with a game that Adrienne and I love to play together, Blokus. It's a great strategy board game, but honestly we just think it's fun! With homeschooling, I love that we can spend time, as long as we want, playing together. We also played Labyrinth , another one of our favourites.

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