a tote bag just for me!

This time, this one is just for me!! I went through my scraps and favourite fabrics and pulled out a bunch:

The next step was deciding which ones to actually use. I knew there would be a lot of blue, green, and maybe red or yellow, or both! I needed to pay attention to sizing as well, but if I really wanted a particular piece in there, then I would just make it work. I wanted this bag to be fun, colourful, and a little representative of me, as much as my selection of fabrics would let me!

This was the selection I made. There are a lot of nature-inspired pieces, like sky, waves, leaves, flowers, trees, and also animals. You can see baby turtles racing on the beach, little grey mice, and little chicks. One block says "a passion for patchwork" another shows a line of laundry (got to keep it real!), and I love maps, so there is a map block. Snoopy of course had to be in this and a block or red polka dots. I love selecting fabrics when I do a project, and this time I had a lot of fun since it was for me. 

I decided at that point to cut my pieces 5 inches by 2.5 inches. I kept the original size of the bag from Camp Follower's tutorial.

The next step was to iron, cut, sew, iron, assemble, iron, etc...lots of ironing little pieces of fabric goes into the making of this tote bag!

I started this bag late afternoon yesterday, after taking a break for cooking and eating dinner (still had to feed my family!), and by about 9 pm, I had the bag up to this point:

I still don't have a fabric that I like for the handles for the Snoopy bag or this one, so I will have to wait until I visit the fabric shop to finish both.

I did add the binding at the top and a button to keep the bag closed. I love wood buttons, don't you?


  1. I ♥ wood buttons too! You made a wonderful bag! These bags become addicting to make don't they?


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