Book Sharing Monday :: The Beautiful Christmas Tree

The Beautiful Christmas Tree is written by Charlotte Zolotow and illustrated by Yan Nascimbene.

The story shows Mr. Crockett who moves in a small house on a fashionable street of brownstone houses. He is plain and does all the work on his little house himself. With years of attention and patience, he transforms his shabby brownstone into an elegant home and brings a scrawny, neglected tree to life, teaching his neighbours a very valuable lesson.

You can see a short preview of the book at Google books here.

"On Christmas Day, when the neighbors went to church, they glanced at each beautifully decorated tree in the window of each brownstone until they came to Mr. Crockett's house. There was a brown pot in the window with a stick of a tree, crooked and almost without needles. "Awful!" they exclaimed."

We have used a fake tree for our Christmas decorating forever. The main reason is because we don't want to cut down any more trees. That is our choice, but I know many families that prefer live Christmas trees. You can replant them, if you have space, after Christmas if you like! Here is a quick how-to explanation: How to Replant your Living Christmas Tree.

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  1. I love all of Charlotte Zolotow's books!

  2. I love Charlotte Zolotow--her books make great read-alouds! Thanks for posting about this Christmas title of her, Alex. I'm off to the library's website to see if I can find a copy.

  3. I've never come across Charlotte Zolotow before...thanks for introducing someone new. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful too...ooh my wish grows ever longer!

  4. Oh this books lovely! Your books always do! Thank you for another fabulous recommendation!



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