~ Little Tote for a Little Lady ~

I posted yesterday my wip little tote, and finished it last night. The tutorial at Camp Follower Bag is excellent! I followed these directions for the handles, instead of using heavy weight twill tape since I didn't have any. I also had adjusted the size of the bag, making it smaller, so instead of each side of the bag being 4x4 squares, is is 3x3 squares. I am glad it worked out!

I haven't taught myself how to do any swirly type quilting yet, and I don't think I have the right foot for my sewing machine anyway, so I used lines on this tote, two lines on each side of the seams between the blocks, plus an extra set on the sides. To make the handles very secure, I used a zigzag stitch by going back and forth to attach the handles. I also used a zigzag stich to attach the binding at the top of the bag.

I really enjoyed working with this tutorial and will be making more of these in the near future. Celeste wants one of course (!!) and I think I would like to make myself one as well!


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