Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Snow, Science and Sewing!

Another weekly wrap-up? Another week has flown by! We are continuing our school work with science and math. We also finally had snow here, so the kids took advantage of it! I continued working on Celeste's felt food present, and Clara kept me company.

Here are a few photos of our week:

Lego creations..

Fun in the snow! We took a few walks with Orion, made snowmen, went sledding in the field near our house..lots of fun! The "extra kids" in the photo with the sleds are our neighbours. They all went sledding late afternoon, for only thirty minutes before the sun went down. Another beauty of homeschooling, being able to play during the day in the snow for as long as you want!

Inside, we worked on puzzles...this is a new one a dear aunt sent us in the mail:

Finally, I wanted to talk about a new-to-us series of biographies by Kathleen Krull called Giants of Science. I read Isaac Newton this week as our read aloud for science and loved it! It was very interesting, funny at times, and related perfectly to our physics studies. We will be reading Leonardo Da Vinci soon, and Andre wants to read Sigmund Freud as well. Check the other titles available here. I highly recommend the series, for children 10 and up. If you do read Isaac Newton, you might want to know that the author mentions the word "homosexual" very briefly in chapter nine. This wasn't an issue for our family, but I wanted to point it out.

I am not sure if I will be sharing a weekly wrap-up next week, but we are planning on continuing our science experiments until friday. My husband works a lot this time of year, so we rather mirror his schedule and take time off after the holidays.
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  1. Awww, cute kitty! Ours joined my oldest studying Apologia General Science...by curling up on his book! LOL Fun in the snow, huh? LOVE it! (I'm from Maine...)


  2. What a fun wintery week! Thanks for all the great photos and inviting us to share!


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