Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Staycation edition!

This week, my husband was off work and we all stayed home. School work was put on hold, and we relaxed together. We also took advantage of him being home to catch up on appointments, dental and eye care in particular. We also cleaned up our finances and put the final signatures on our new mortgage. Lots of paperwork and medical stuff, but still a lot of time for playing, especially board games. We had a lot of time to hang out and chat, watch a couple of Christmas movies, and read aloud holiday stories.

We read a very funny story called The True Story of Christmas by Anne Fine. Here is the inside of the book jacket for a little summary:

"Everyone knows the story of Christmas. Decking the halls with boughs of holly. Hanging stockings by the chimney with care. Roasting chestnuts on an open fire. Then there's the true story of Christmas. And Ralph Mountfield is smack in the middle of it. Great-granny is crustier than ever. Grandpa is singing to the dog. Great-aunt Ida is completely crackers. Uncle Tristram is giving out bricks. The cousins are whining and throwing tantrums. Mum is looking for Dad. Dad is looking for aspirin. And Ralph is looking to stay out of trouble. But when a Christmas quiz brings out some hidden truths, trouble is exactly what Ralph finds. It's anything but a silent, holy night for the Mountfield family!"

We also spent some time together this week doing some crafts. We made little juggling rice bags. Andre wanted to make some at first, then the girls joined him. They have been playing with these all week.

Andre, Celeste and I went to the movie theatre on Tuesday evening and watched Tangled. Honestly, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it, based on the trailers, but I was very surprised and loved every minute of it!

Today, Adrienne went to the shooting range for the very first time with her Air Cadets squadron! She loved it, but said her elbows hurt. She was laying down shooting the rifle.

Our week off was great. Next week and for the month of December will be focusing on science, physics in particular. The kids and I decided a few weeks back to do science in December, every day. We prefer to do it this way, similar to a unit study, than only a little bit every week. Andre and Adrienne will continue on doing math, and Celeste will practice her math and reading with me too, but the focus this month will be more on science.

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  1. Happy time to have a staycation! I like your new header.


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