What a Christmas!!

We had a wonderful Christmas! My husband was off for Christmas Day and Boxing Day as well for the first time in years! We didn't make any special dinner for ourselves, but had a big family pot luck dinner on Boxing Day, so everyone still had turkey and ham and everything else..

We usually don't exchange a lot of presents at Christmas time. I try to make gifts most years, and this year I made felt food for Celeste. She was very pleased with it! She loves the donut! Each child got one present from my husband and myself (Adrienne: headphones, Andre: small Prince of Persia lego set, Celeste: Little Mommy doll), then there were 3 other presents for all 3 of them together.

The big difference this year was the amount of presents that I received...my husband spoiled me this year. Usually we exchanged a small something between the two of us. We don't have a big budget and rather use it for the kids. But this year, we have cleaned up our finances in a huge way and he went out and picked up many things that I needed for a long time! I now have new cutting boards and oven mitts for the kitchen, along with a dutch oven pot. I have new shirts, wool mittens, and a coat! The kids also gave me slippers and a webkinz hamster (I play to get them coins, and it's fun!).

Here I am with my new coat, on Christmas morning. The photo isn't the greatest, but the coat is so comfortable!!

The biggest surprise was that Santa made a very special appearance at our house Christmas morning. My husband set this up without me knowing! I knew we were adopting a kitten from the local humane society, but didn't know about the special delivery! Around 9:30, there was a knock at our door, we were still opening presents! We thought it was our friends next door. Only my husband knew what was happening!

Our new kitten is adorable, she is very well tempered and just wants to play then sleep, then play some more! Orion and Clara (Adrienne's cat) have adjusted very well, very fast. We have decided to call her Sophie Nausicaa. We love Studio Ghibli films and couldn't decide between the two names, so this lucky cat has 2 names now! Sophie is one of the main characters in Howl's Moving Castle, and Nausicaa is the name of the princess in the movie Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well! We are enjoying a few more days of holidays before the new year. Happy Holidays!


  1. Great coat! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! :D

  2. How wonderful to have a visit from santa with the kitty. Im sure that will be remembered forever. Its nice that you were able to get spoiled too.


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