a little walk and alone time ~ postively 2011

On day 9 of living positively, we went for a little walk near our house.
There isn't a lot of snow left right now.
   Even if the walk was short, even if this time,
my dog was pulling like he had a sled behind him,
even if my teenager was cranky..
I still love the walk, the fresh air, and being together.

On day 10, which was Monday, Adrienne had her Cadets meeting
and that means almost three hours to myself.
The meeting is about 25 minute drive away from home, so I just stay near.
I do enjoy this time alone, and either sit at the library to read or visit the thrift store.


  1. Have you got to the 52 books- impressive! I know I haven't commented in ages, but I'd love your thoughts on a little blog event over at fraise- Wind in the Willows, and how we love cosy Mole and optimistic Spring Ratty when sitting in the depths of January!

  2. A woman after my own heart. I love spending my alone time at thrift stores. But I'm trying to break the habit, as I always walk out with things I really, probably don't need.


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