Book Sharing Monday :: The Story of Valentine's Day

The Story of Valentine's Day by Clyde Robert Bulla explains the story behind Valentine's Day with many historical facts and customs. There are different legends around this holiday, even different stores of the Roman priest Valentine. Valentine's Day spread to other countries and the other explains how the holiday changed over time.
In the last few pages, there are a few ideas for valentines and a recipe for cookies.

"It was also during the Middle Ages that Valentine's Day became a children's holiday. English children went from door to door in groups singing songs. The mistress of the house would often throw flowers or pennies to the children or give them sweet buns made with plum filling. "

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  1. I like explaining where traditions come from too, the book sounds great!


  2. Beautiful cover on that book!

  3. Stopping over from RedTedArt! Definitely going to check out the book! Thanks! Kerri


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