Positively 2011

I am giving myself a photography challenge this year, a challenge to seeing the positive in each and every day of 2011. I joined a group called "a year of living positively" on flickr. Here is the description:

"sometimes we get bogged down

in the day-to-day trappings of a stressful existence.
this group is an atttempt,
and experiment, if you will,
to remind us all that if we look closely enough
we can find something we are grateful for each and every day. :)
photo submissions should include a brief description about something you are grateful for, or something you appreciate on that particular day!"

Today's photo shows what was especially positive for me, which was spending time reading in my favourite chair with a cozy blanket, looking through the pile of sewing/quilting related books from the library and reading two difficult books (a child called it + a brother's journey).


  1. That's a great challenge! I kept a journal once where I had to write 3 things every day that I am grateful for. It also made me look for the positives during my day - even better!
    Good luck my friend :)

  2. Cool Challenge. I can't see myself being able to stick with it. If it was any medium (writing, art, poetry, etc... Maybe). Have fun! I know you can do it. You love these kinds of things. :)


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