Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Two Weeks Worth!

We started again our regular homeschool schedule on January 3rd. I completely forgot to do a wrap-up post last week, so here are two weeks worth!

Getting back to a routine was nice after our holiday break. The main subjects were covered and I was pleased to notice progress with Celeste's reading. It seems that it is getting a bit easier for her. She is also still enjoying Math, using Miquon Math. I am surprised at what she is learning, already multiplication!

Adrienne is finishing working with the Kiss My Math book for her math and will be getting back to her Teaching Textbooks Algebra next week. We'll see how that goes, she has really been enjoying the series by Danica McKellar.

Andre is doing excellent with Teaching Textbooks 6. This is wonderful, because Math wasn't a strong subject for him in the past.

Both Adrienne and Andre are continuing with Growing with Grammar and Sequential Spelling.

For writing, they don't enjoy regular writing curriculums, so after taking December off (following the heavy writing month of November-NaNoWriMo), I asked them if they would prefer to work on a special research project this month with a topic of their choice. They can present it in a notebook, lapbook or just an essay format. I think they will choose the notebook format to be able to include illustrations. Adrienne finished the first section of Jensen's Format Writing , then they all chose their topics. Celeste didn't want to be left behind so I will be working with her on a lapbook on horses. We are making our own.

Adrienne chose pirates as her research topic. Andre is learning all he can about aliens! They are both very interested in these two topics and requested many books from the library. Last week, they read a lot and also worked out their outlines. This week they are writing their first draft. I am looking forward to their finished research project!

We finished reading aloud Sigmund Freud this week by Kathleen Krull. It wasn't as captivating to my children as Isaac Newton's biography was, but still interesting. I read aloud during lunch.
After finishing Freud, we started another book by Kathleen Krull called "They Saw the Future". It's all about oracles, psychics, scientists and great thinkers. I featured it in a Book Sharing Monday post.

We started again a few more subjects, like poetry memorization. I am still surprised how much my children like this! They are really quick at memorizing!

We also are continuing with our study of Canadian History. We are learning about Confederation right now. And finally, we are continuing our study of World Geography with Easter Europe.

It's been a busy two weeks, filled with school-ish work, but we are enjoying it. We have also had a few discussions about high school. Adrienne is currently grade 8 age, so we will need to decide what happens for next year soon. Not knowing where we will be living next year poses a bit of a problem for the decision making, but hopefully we will get answers soon.

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  1. Ah ha ha!! I just told a new friend that I have a blogging friend who use to do Weekly wrap-ups, but I think she stopped. LOL! I guess you didn't. Great topics that they chose! :)

  2. What interesting topics to research! We are going to be covering pirates soon, too.

  3. That sounds like a good two weeks!

    As for highschool, if you continue with what works, making sure that you somehow get university prerequisites, it will all work out.

    But don't forget to keep records!!! I was ill for two years and am now trying to tie everything together, and it's brutal.

    Annie Kate


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