Who are your Top 10 Classical Composers?

Afternoon Practice by Laurie Pace.

The New York Times is asking you to vote on your favourite classical composers. There is more than just an article though, there is a series of videos where Anthony Tommasini, the chief musical critic, talks about these great classical composers, mixing some of the history of each composer and also playing the piano, explaining more about certain pieces so we can really appreciate the music.

I learned about this from Christina at Rockhound Place. When I visited the links she posted, I thought this would be great for our music appreciation! I was planning on getting back to our art & music appreciation this Friday, and this will be perfect. We will watch together the videos and can talk about which ones are our favourites, and then vote.

You can visit the main article which explains the story behind the idea of the vote: The Greatest. I especially like this quote: "So if you were to try to compile a list of the 10 greatest composers in history, how would you go about it? For me the resulting list would not be the point. But the process of coming up with such a list might be clarifying and instructive, as well as exasperating and fun."

You can also go straight to the video series and the voting page: Top 10 Composers .


  1. Thanks for the link. Our composer study has been lacking lately. Maybe this will perk it up.


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