~ world geography and library time ~ positively 2011

Positively 2011 is a daily photography challenge but I might put a few days worth at a time to share with you here.

Here are day three and four out of three-hundred and sixty-five:

Learning together with my children is always a positive experience. We were studying Eastern Europe on day three.

on day four we walked to the library.

in the photo, my youngest is selecting some books, she loves baby books still!

we visit our local library at least once a week, usually more. this branch is small, but very close to our house. we know all the librarians and they know us! we always walk out with piles of books! we love to read :)

it's always a positive experience to visit the library!


  1. Awesome Alex!

    I wanted to thank you for posting your challenge BTW. I wouldn't be able to commit to the photography but I started a blog separate from my homeschooling one and in it I record something that has made me feel grateful during the day. I have enjoyed doing it so far and it helps me to remain present through my day rather than just letting it fly by unnoticed.

    So thanks and I look forward to following your adventures throughout the year :)


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