52 books :: Book 7 :: The Homeschool Liberation League

The Homeschool Liberation League by Lucy Frank is the story of Katya, a grade 8 girl, who decided that she wants to be homeschooled after she spends a life changing summer at Wilderness Camp. The story takes us from the first day of school in September when she decides that it isn't for her to the winter concert. In those few months, life is filled with discovery for her.

I was really looking forward to this book. I thought that it was so nice to have a fictional novel about homeschooling, written for young people. I hate to say that I was disapointed and really pushed myself to finish the novel. I enjoy reading juvenile fiction, so it wasn't that it was too "young" for me. I guess I was expecting more about homeschooling. The parts I did enjoy reading where when Katya was discovering her passion for science, especially plants and more hands-on science. I also appreciated the message that the author was trying to pass on, that there are many learning possibilities available today.