Book Sharing Monday :: Life-Size Aquarium

"Life-Size Aquarium" by Teruyuki Komiya  is a fun and educational book! There are beautiful photographs of 35 different animals that you might find at an aquarium. All the photos are true-to-life, even for the larger animals which show only parts of their bodies. Along the photos are facts such as the scientific name, the approximate age, the home, and more interesting facts on each animal. There is a section for each animal called "time for a close-up" that is similar to i-spy questions.

Here is the introduction from the walrus page:

"Wow! Look at those long tusks! What do you think they are used for? He needs them to help pull his enormous body out of the water and to poke holes in the ice to breathe through while he swims."

And here are a couple sentences from the "time for a close-up" section of the walrus:

"Can you see that this walrus has a pink tongue? The tip is split a little bit.
Can you see that this walrus has two long tusks? These are elongated canine teeth."

There are two other books in this series "Life-Size Zoo" and "More Life-Size Zoo". We will be looking for these at our library!

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  1. Great book! My post is up now as well

  2. ok, these are cool books! i'll have to find them here.

    we just checked out the Africa Book--and have been enjoying the vivid photographs. thanks again!

  3. This looks very cool! It would go nicely with our current science studies.


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