Journey North Mystery Class ~ Week Three

Journey North Mystery Class continues!

The journal page this week asked us to reflect on the data and the line graphs. We don't do line graphs, but we do our own version of graphs. Last week, we had seperated the locations between Northern and Southern Hemispheres based on who was gaining daylight, like us in the Northern Hemisphere, and who was losing daylight. This week, we were able to confirm our findings by comparing the photoperiod amounts over the previous two weeks.

The second part of the journal page asked us "how the data and graph lines show us which Mystery Class sites are north and south of your location". We looked at the data sheets a little closer this time. We started with the Northern Hemisphere ones and compared with our home location. Our opinion is that #8 is the only one north of us, but it is very close latitude-wise to us. When we took our tour of the world on our latitude line last week, we selected a few locations and compared their sunrise and sunset data with our own. We noticed that all locations had the same photoperiod amount. The Mystery Class #8 has only a few minutes (less than 5mn) difference with our home location. Even the sunrise and sunset times are very very close. The first week our sunrise was at 7:45 and theirs was 7:46, our sunset was 17:41 and theirs 17:43!! Over the last two weeks, it has stayed very close still. This location could still be on the other side of the world, but at the same latitude as ours! It will be interesting to figure it out.

On the photo at the top of this post, you can see the locations arranged by Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The writing shows which one is which. I should have put the southern below the northern, but I didn't think about it until I was writing this! I added an Equator line at the bottom of the photo and the mystery classes are arranged by what we think is their positions compared to it.  So that means that we think #9 (gold/brown) is in the Southern Hemisphere and closer to the Equator than #3 (yellow). With the group on the right, the Northern Hemisphere, we have added our home location. In that group, #2 (light blue) is closer to the Equator than #8 (grey). These are only our findings, so we might be wrong! The fun part of this project is to try to figure it yourself, also as the weeks go by, I won't share as much information! It is also fun to compare your findings with others, so let me know by leaving a comment if you want to do that! Have fun!