Lego Quest # 34 :: 30 pieces

Adrienne and Andre participated in this Lego Quest. Everyone had to have the exact same amount of legos and the same kind of legos as well. You can see what they had to work with in the photo above. The Lego Quest blog received 75 entries for this challenge!! All the creations are awesome, you can see them all here. Lego Quest is for homeschoolers/unschoolers from all over the world.

Adrienne created a "robot from Saturn. The little lego pieces are flowers. The robot is visiting our earth to destroy it once he finds comrades."

Andre decided to build a city. Here is his description:

"This is a city with a skyscraper in the middle. The building to the left of the tall skyscraper with the green top is a library. The one to the right, with the yellow roof, is recreation centre. The little ones at the front are houses in a small subdivision. The orange building at the far right is a recycling centre. The red building behind the library is a science laboratory. "