Weekly Wrap-Up ~ A Light Week!

This past week was light, school work wise. We took Valentine's Day off and I had a doctor's appointment Thursday morning, so we ended up taking that day off too. It was a good week, here are the highlights:

We took part in a Valentine exchange and received so many wonderful cards! We even received one from Hawaii! I stuck them all to the side of a kitchen cabinet. You can see the cards we sent in this post. The hearts in the upper left corner are the ones we gave each other.

We baked some super yummy cookies for Valentine's Day...Heart Sandwich Cookies.

Adrienne and I have been talking about studying world events and the news more, especially next school year, so we both visited this website this week. We read the article on Egypt and discussed it. I just asked her what she thought about it. We will be slowly getting into doing this and trying different sites until we find one that we are both confortable with.

We are now entering the 20th century in Canadian History. We used the Kingfisher Encyclopedia to review the progress made between the mid 1800s all the way to early 1900s in the arts, architecture, science and technology. We will start learning about World War I next week.

In World Geography, we are still in Africa. Adrienne is determined to memorize all the countries! I read another African tale and they narrated it orally. I recorded them using our iTouch and will be typing their narration.

We also did Art Appreciation on Friday. We haven't done that in a very long time...I hope we get back on track now! We learned about Jacques Louis David . I do this study along with them, so I also wrote a narration for a short biography, listed the paintings we looked at, and selected one to print to add to our page. We keep it simple, and we enjoy it. We read about the artist's life and talk about what we notice in the paintings.

This was a nice week, we had a lot of fun together. We watched movies, played games, had fun at the thrift store and much more.

We finished "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne. I read that novel aloud and we all really enjoyed it. We are deciding together what the next book will be. It might be Swiss Family Robinson or Peter and the Sword of Mercy or something else!

Adrienne and Andre have been doing great with their running. They are using a couch to 5k app on our treadmill.

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  1. Your blog is fantastic! :D I am using the SHS site for mine.... its a little blah but for just starting I guess its good. Love seeing the Humu on the cabinet there! hehe


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