Book Sharing Monday :: Peter Kent's City Across Time

Peter Kent's City Across Time is a great picture book filled with cross sections showcasing an imaginary settlement through the ages, from the Stone Age, through Ancient Roman Times, Middle Ages, all the way to the 21st Century. There are special pages as well on particular topics, like the catacombs, a medieval mine, an underground railway, and secret bunkers. The illustrations attracted us to this book first, but we soon realized that it was very interesting as well. The text is filled with historical and archaelogical information. There is also a "Treasure Trove" page that explains what kind of objects archeologists look for, along with drawings of a few particular pieces that you can look for throughout the book.
This is a great, fun and educational book!

Here are a few sentences from the introduction:

"Many towns and cities in the world are very old. In Rome, Jerusalem, Damascus, London, and other places, people have been living on the same site for thousands of years. Although most of the houses, stores, and offices you see in such ancient cities today are not much more than 100 years old, underneath them lie the remains of the buildings they replaced: layer upon layer of ruins mixed up with broken fragments of household items and garbage. Each century leaves its own layer of remains - like the age rings on a tree - the most ancient buried the farthest down."

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  1. This looks like a great book. Thx for sharing. My post is up now,too.

  2. What a great book to give kids a real feel for the passage of time! Thanks for sharing this book, Alex. Hopping over to my library queue. . . right . . . NOW!


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