Book Sharing Monday :: Wings

Wings is written by Sneed B. Collard III and illustrated by Robin Brickman. This book is full of interesting facts about bats, birds, butterflies, moths, and insects. We learned about many of the animals that have wings, and some birds that don't, and how they use their wings. Each of the animals featured has a fascinating ability. I added a few photos from the book, that my son chose. He really enjoyed this book. I thought the illustrations are amazing! Each is made by hand with painted paper, cut and sculpted and glued. There are resources listed at the back of the book, websites and other books about bats, birds, butterflies and moths, along with a short glossary.

The same author/illustrator team also wrote a book called "Beaks!". We found it at our library, just need to wait for it to get to our branch!

"Some of the most unusual wings belong to the clearwing butterflies of the American Tropics. As transparent as glass, these see-through wings make the butterflies difficult to follow when they are flying. Many clearwing butterflies are poisonous, so the colored edges and veins of their wings may warn predators to stay away."

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  1. What a gorgeous looking book!!! We have no book on our blog today (just a song ;-))


  2. What a gorgeous book! Off to check the others...

  3. I love the pictures. So bright and wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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