Lego Quest #37 ~ Natural Disasters

Tsunami by Adrienne ~ during the tsunami (left side) and the devastation after it (right side).

A tornado by Andre.

You can see many more photos of nature disasters made with legos at the Lego Quest blog. We especially like the first photo with the tsunami.

"Lego Quest is a bi-weekly challenge for Lego loving homeschool and unschooled kids. It is non-competitive, creative fun. There are no winners and there are no commitments. Play along only when you are inspired by the challenge."


  1. Nicely done! :) We had fun with this too - I just with I could remember to send the pics in on time haha.

  2. Legos are great alone or with other projects. I had kids build model Niles using aluminum baking pans, dirt and grass seed. We explored what would happen when the Nile flooded. They labeled the parts of the nile and some used Lego's to build monuments, etc. My favorite was the crocodile one chose to put in the Nile.

    They really are a wonderful teaching tool that kids naturally love and works in so many different areas.


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