living positively? not all the time...

I have been pretty quiet on this blog and on my flickr, especially for my living positively challenge. I make a point of not being negative on my blogs but sometimes I just need to be honest.

The winter is dragging on here in Canada and it's getting to me. I have also hurt my lower back about a week ago and have been unable to run. Running is like a drug with me, I am completely addicted to it, so when I can't run, I am miserable! I really hope spring will be here soon and that this pain in my back goes away soon so I can resume my running.

I need to pick up my camera more often and document again the little smiles in every day. That might help me get through those last weeks of winter! How about you? How are you doing? Are you ready for spring? 


  1. I was very ready for Spring during the week when the skies were blue and the outlook sunny, but back came the cold with the weekend and it's harder to spring around whe the grey chill sends you jerking back to the old, now dirty, down jacket! But Spring will come, and will stay, and your back will, please, be better soon! Shrove Tuesday means lots of pancakes and maple syrup here- but maybe that's not such a special treat for you!!

  2. I am SO feeling you on this! Winter is wonderful and beautiful but I'm READY for Spring. I always feel like this at the tail end of this season. It will be so nice to get out and play comfortably again!

  3. Sorry to hear about your back, Alex. Hope it is better soon. I hear you about winter... our rain today has turned into snow.. ugh. I want spring!

  4. Hoping your back feels better soon :)

  5. I am soo ready for spring. We got a bunch more snow yesterday and it was a downer for me. I want spring now.

    I can totally relate to what it feels like when you can't go running. I have been dealing with an injury for almost a year and it has been very challenging for me to face each day in a positive way. I need my running to burn off my negative energy and clear my head.

    I hope that your back heals soon!



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