Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Green Eggs & Ham, WW II, and Earth Hour!

We had another good, quiet week here. School wise, we wrapped a few things and continued with others. We are still waiting for Spring here in SW Ontario, Canada!

Celeste and I are reviewing the lessons on vowels in the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. We also started the First Language Lessons. At first, she didn't like the FLL, but already by lesson six, she has changed her mind. She is also continuing her work in Explode the Code and Miquon Math. This week, she decided to read "Green Eggs and Ham" by herself. She sat on the couch and worked on it while I was busy with Adrienne and Andre. After a while, she told me she had read the whole book. I then listened to her and she did great! I am very proud of her! I read that story a long time ago, once to her. It's not one that she has memorized. She then read it to her siblings and her dad. She is already planning on reading it to her Nana when she visits next. She's very excited!

Adrienne and Andre continued on all their regular main subjects this week. Every morning went pretty smoothly, considering we were off last week. It's always a little difficult to get back to it after a break.

In History, we finished our study of World War II. We had several books (see picture above) we wanted to read and a movie as well. We watched an excellent documentary called "The Price for Peace: From Pearl Harbour to Nagasaki". This documentary explained World War II in the Pacific. It included original footage and interviews of veterans. 

I gave Adrienne and Andre a writing assignment as homework to wrap-up our study of WWII. The assignment had four questions which they needed to answer with some details. The questions were:
  • What caused World War II
  • What countries were involved in World War II
  • Choose a battle and give a brief account of it
  • How did WWII end?
In World Geography, we finished our review by testing ourselves on the maps of South America, Europe, and Africa. We also started the next unit, Asia.

We finished our literature study of Black Star, Bright Dawn this week too. This short novel was a perfect match to our Iditarod study.

On Friday, we did a little Art Appreciation by studying the paintings and the life of Joseph Mallord William Turner. The picture above is called "The Fighting Temeraire" and was one of our favourites.

Adrienne and I also worked on Mystery Class this week, you can see our latest charts in the previous post. We also talked about current events, in particular the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Yesterday we celebrated Earth Hour by turning out all our lights for over an hour! This is our thrid year participating, I think. Our neighbour friends came over to our house to play board games with us. We also had a fun time playing hide and seek in the dark! I forgot about taking pictures this year, but you can see my posts from previous years here and here.

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