Screen Free Week is Coming!

This used to be called "TV-free Week", but since 2010 the name changed to "Scree-free Week". The idea is to have a week without any screens entertaining us. No TV, video games, movies, computers, itouch, etc... This year, Screen-Free Week is from Monday April 18 to Sunday April 24.

Our family is participating this year. We have all agreed to allow 3 minutes to check our e-mail daily, since our Air Cadets need to check that week's newsletter in this manner. We also don't want to worry about missing any important messages related to work, extra-curricular activities, or homeschool field trips. Three minutes a day is plenty to quickly check new e-mails and take care of them. The rest of the week will be scree-free completely.

This blog will have Book Sharing Monday post automatically published on the Monday (I will write it on the Sunday before). I will be late writing our weekly wrap-up post, it won't be written or posted until the following Monday or Tuesday.

There are so many activities a family can do that doesn't involve a screen. If the weather permits, we are planning on enjoying the outdoors a lot. Biking, walking, planning and working on our garden, chalking on our driveway, etc.. Inside, we have lots of things we enjoy doing together or seperately as well: painting, reading, playing board games or cards, playing with dolls, legos, and more. It will also be a regular school week for us.

You can find many ideas for scree-free activities by googling. Here are a few links I found interesting:

Kids' Activities for Screen-Free Week

Resources to Inspire Your Screen-Free Week (great book list!)

Get Ready for Screen-Free Week: 30 Great Ideas and Printables

Ideas that I came across that inspired me (in no particular order or organization!):

  • start a vegetable, herb, or wildflower garden
  • play with marbles
  • set up a basket of drawing supplies and paper and rotate each day (1 day markers+thick paper, next watercolour+paint paper cut in an interesting shape, crayon+colouring pages)
  • start a book reading marathon
  • sort through toys and donate unwanted ones 
  • start a large puzzle together
  • start an Earth Day project
  • sew something together 
  • make friendship bracelets
  • play hide and seek (still one of my kids' favourites, especially at night!)
  • go bowling
  • cook together
There are so many ideas! Let me know if you are participating in Screen Free Week too by leaving a comment to this post and share some of your ideas for activities too!


  1. Oh wow. I so applaud you. I just know this would be akin to giving up air or water in our home. Not TV but computers. I myself can't imagine a 3 minute limit. Now I'm going to go away so no conviction falls on me...

  2. I work online so that would be challenging for me.

  3. We're looking forward to this. I think it's a great idea, not just for my kids but for my husband and me, too!

  4. Easter projects! Dye eggs, build baskets, visit an animal shelter and look at bunnies, make easter candy?


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