Screen Free Week....The Results & A Break from Blogging

I failed. I would love to blame it on the did rain a lot this week, but the truth is, I failed, plain and simple. I came to realize a few things in my failure. I could do without television completely, even movies, but I can't live without the internet. For me, the internet is:
  • a way to connect with friends who live close or far from me
  • somewhere to meet like-minded people
  • somewhere to find inspiration (photography, quilting, running)
  • somewhere to find support for homeschooling
  • a place where I can find free and helpful resources for our homeschool
  • a virtual cookbook filled with unlimited recipes
  • a place to log my running (I use dailymile)
I just can't give that up. I don't sit at the computer for hours and hours, I am more of a grazer. I spend a few minutes, walk away, take care of other things, then come back. I do spend longer periods of time in the evening, especially if my husband is working late.

Now I know that my time online isn't something I can do without! I can limit it and also make sure that it serves a purpose for me (like the ones mentioned above).

~ Earth Day 2011 ~ 

I have decided to take a break from blogging as a result of this past week. If you read my regular homeschool blog, this won't be a surprise. I have always told myself that when blogging becomes something I have to do, then it's time for me to take a break. I have come to that point, especially on my main blog, where I make a point of blogging at least twice a week. I also want to make sure I am able to enjoy my children and the spring weather that is finally arriving! I will be back soon and I will still be online, so you can contact me via e-mail or facebook.

See you soon!


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