The Kindness of Homeschoolers

I attended a small curriculum sale at a local homeschool group last night. I was trying to sell a few things, I didn't succeed much...but I came home with these books. The amazing part was that this particular homeschooler was giving them away! I have been checking out of "The Well Trained Mind" from our local library countless times, so I am very happy to finally have my own copy!


  1. I find there are lots of people who want to get books into kids hands. I ran the children's section of our local library booksale and fought to keep our prices low because we were helping increase literacy along with making money for our cause. We actually increased the money we made because people spent more when they thought they were getting a great deal and they bought more books then they would have when the prices were high. We had far fewer books left over that we ended up donating or storing for another sale.

    I used to send notices to local homeschoolers because they were one of my target markets when I was fighting over the prices. They responded by increasing our sales and bringing others to check out our materials.

    There are lots of people out there that want others to succeed. I am glad you located one.


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