Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Last Week of March

We are still waiting for Spring here! The weather isn't cooperating yet, and we even had snow this week.  We did have another good week school-wise.

Andre is almost finished his Teaching Textbook Math 6! He will take a short break then start TT 7. Long breaks are not usually good for him with Math. Since Adrienne started her Pre-Algebra only a couple of months ago, she isn't as far along but is doing really well again. That is the important part.

In other subjects, we had an interesting week. Here are some details:

In Science, we finished with the Physics Workshop Kit (see my review here). We will now be using mostly the Usborne Encyclopedia and library books. We will also do experiments as we go along. We use the Usborne internet quicklinks often as well to review what we learned. This week, we learned about Magnetism.

In World Geography, we are studying the Middle East. We are still using the Trail Guide to World Geography as a base, but adding more library books to our study. I am reading aloud from Kingfisher Knowledge Middle East. This is an excellent book, filled with photos and interesting text. It will take us a few weeks to get through the Middle East. This week, we learned about Turkey, Syria, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. The small books on the photo are a quick read, but my children still enjoyed them and the library seems to have a big collection of these Scholastic True books! We are also reading some folktales. We started with The Seven Wise Princesses, which is a Barefoot Book. I still haven't come across one Barefoot Book that we haven't liked.

In History, we are now learning about the 1950s in Canada. We took a few days this week to learn about the U.N. and I will be writing a seperate post about that shortly.

Weymouth Bay by John Constable

We studied John Constable today for Art Appreciation. We are almost finished with this subject and I have been planning what we will be doing next. 

In non-school news, Andre joined the Air Cadets. His sister started in September, but he had to wait until he was twelve to join. They will be going away on a field training exercice weekend soon and are both really looking forward to that. You can see them in the photo below, with the white asterixis on.

Celeste was super excited this week because Tangled was finally out on DVD! She had been counting down the days until the release!! We went and picked it up on Tuesday and had a "Tangled" day! If she was a crafty girl, we probably would have done some of these crafts too. We'll see, maybe next week!

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good week. They look so professional standing at attention!
    Janet W

  2. Very cute blog. Great pictures too! Found your blog through the Weekly Wrap-Up and stopping by to say hi!

  3. Thanks for the Middle East suggestionns. I'm going to see if your library has these. Love, love, love the pic of your little girl--so cute.

  4. The Air Cadets sound great!
    I'm thinking we won't completely stop doing math when our school year is over for the same reasons you said. I won't require them to do as much, but probably one or two lessons/week to keep things fresh.


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