39 Goals

Every year counts, but as I was nearing 39, I started thinking how I wanted to make this last year before the big 40 special. I want to make it count. This means a few things to me and I decided to make a list. I am not sure if there will be 39 goals, but this list is the start of my goals for my 39th year. I will keep adding as I think of more. I will also update the list or posts updates about it as I cross items off from it.

  1. Give up sugar - I have wanted to do this for a long time. I don't drink pop or much juice, but I do have some homemade desserts and sweetened cereal bars/cookies, etc... I really want to make an effort to only eat naturally occuring sugars (as in fruits, honey, etc..).
  2. Give up white foods - As a family, we eat more whole wheat products (bread, pasta, etc..) but we do sometimes buy the white pasta or rice. I can feel a big difference when I eat those. I want to eliminate these from my diet completely, not go back and forth anymore.
  3. Continue drinking lots of water
  4. Implement a workout routine with light weighs and strenght exercices
  5. Continue running and work up to a half marathon
  6. Include hill work in my running training
  7. Start biking more
  8. Learn a new technique in quilting
  9. Finish sewing and quilting projects (calendar quilt, christmas quilt, Adrienne's wall hanging)
  10. Walk Orion more often (every day?)
  11. Read more!
  12. Read at least 2 classics
  13. Let my hair grow - I enjoyed having short hair, but never felt very feminine with it, so I am letting it grow again. I am adding it as a goal, because I know how difficult it will be for me to get passed certain stages of letting it grow!
  14. Start volunteering somewhere with my oldest child
  15. Learn a new language (Spanish?)
  16. Take more nature photos
  17. Grow more food in our vegetable garden
  18. Grow more flowers, especially flowers I can bring inside, in our garden
  19. Take more photos of my family and friends
  20. Attend a theatre play
  21. Attend a live concert
  22. Sleep under the stars
  23. Continue to cook new recipes
  24. Visit an art gallery
  25. Visit a museum
  26. Continue to save money
  27. Plant a tree
  28. Visit more local conservation areas
  29. Spend more time at the lake or near water (very relaxing to me)


  1. Good starting list. I've been thinking along these lines for myself, as I, too, will be entering my last year in the thirties this fall. Hoping you'll make these are more b4 the big 40! :D


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