Quilting and a Birthday!

I have been doing a bit of quilting these last few weeks...These were for thank you gifts, a little snack mat and coasters. One set went to California, the other to Massachusetts.

More projects I have been working on, a gift for my mother, a baby gift and helping a friend with her project.

This was on the previous picture, now it is finished! I helped a friend get started in quilting and she asked me to finish this big one for her. It is a gift for her father. She designed the quilt, chose the fabrics and we worked on it together. I did the back (see next photo) for her and the quilting and binding.

The back of the quilt in the previous photo.
A small quilt I will be sending to my mother as a birthday gift. See the odd block in there?

I celebrated my birthday last week...39!


  1. Happy birthday!

    BTW - I like all of your projects above, but the bag is my favourite! Great work!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    Hope it was all you needed it to be!

    Love all the quilts! Looking forward to the time when I can give myself more to my crafts. :D


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