Short Nature Walk

We took advantage of the beautiful sunny day today and took a break from our studies to spend time in the nature area near our house. We have gone for walks in this spot since we moved here. Unfortunately, it might not happen as often now because they are building more houses and tearing apart what used to be a farmer's field.

We did make a point of looking for signs of new plants growing. We saw many dandelions and a few other wild plants. We played in the little stream, making small leaves float down the slow current.

Our time spent in nature is important to us, the fresh air, the sunshine and our time together. We love it!


  1. Looks like a great walk was had by all :) Strawberries blooming already?!?! My little plants just have the leaves coming up so far!

  2. Spring has certainly sprung, hasn't it? Loving all the photos, Alex! You continue to be an inspiration.


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