Sneak Peek...and Homemade Trail Mix

I am back! After taking this week off, I feel refreshed and ready to start posting again! It's nice to step away from blogging for a short break once in a while. Blogging should be enjoyable, like writing a journal, in my opinion.

I have been making some thank you gifts this week. I can only show you a sneak peek, but as soon as the gifts have been received, I will share the rest! I love making small quilted gifts. It brightens my day!

I also wanted to share my trail mix with you. We have made trail mix for ourselves for years, some of the ingredients change over time... Right now, my kids and I love eating this particular one! I mix the following together:

- pretzels
- salted peanuts
- raw pumpkin seeds
- raw sunflower seeds
- dark chocolate m&ms
- chocolate covered sunflower seeds

and that's it! Very yummy, mixture of salty and sweet!


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