Weekly Wrap-Up ~ A Short Week with a Birthday and a Musical!

We had a light week with Celeste's 7th birthday and a morning at the theatre on Friday to see Peter Pan the Musical. We weren't allowed to take photos during the play, but I took this quick one before it started. We went with our homeschool group and were all seated in the balcony, which was a great spot! The musical was really well done and we all enjoyed it. Celeste (in the pigtails on the photo) loves the story of Peter Pan, especially this version.

We managed to complete our regular lessons over the 3 days left in the week. Celeste's mind was more on her birthday for the whole week, but she did practice her reading and we are now on lesson 5 in Saxon Math 2.

Andre and Adrienne also completed their work in Math, Spelling, and Writing.

We learned about light in Science this week and are continuing our study of Australia in World Geography. 

Next week should be a bit more quiet and a bit more productive for school work!

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