12 Week Sprint to the Finish

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 On my homeschool blog, I take part in a weekly wrap-up hosted by Kris of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. In her posts, she often mentions her running and weight loss goals. She has done wonderful and I didn't notice until just recently that she also has a seperate blog for her fitness goals called Eclipsed. Last week, she started a 12 week challenge called "12 Week Sprint to the Finish".

I have decided to join her. The challenge is simple: " You set the goal and share it, and we’ll hold you accountable". I personally think a focus like this will help me with some of my 39 goals, especially my running and nutritional goals.

In my 39 goals post, I listed a few related to nutrition:

- give up sugar
- give up white foods
- continue drinking lots of water
- continue to cook new recipes
And a few fitness-related ones:
- Implement a workout routine with light weights and strength exercices
- Continue running and work up to a half marathon
- Include hill work in my running training
- Start biking more
- Walk Orion more often

Since writing those goals, I have only followed two of these! I started walking with Orion every morning. The fresh air first thing in the morning has been wonderful and I will continue doing this. I have done well with drinking lots of water.

The rest, I have done nothing about. Well for the fitness and nutrition ones. I did accomplish some of the other ones, or start at least! 

Since finishing my couch to 10k program almost two weeks ago, I have only done 1 running workout! I just haven't had any motivation. I am hoping this challenge will help me focus again.

I will be doing a weekly update here on my blog and let you know how the week went with these goals. I don't have a weight-loss goal. I have about 10-15 lbs that I would like to loose, but I am more interested in being fit and feeling good than a particular number on a scale.

To help me with my goals, I mostly use my iTouch for keeping track of my running, along with my dailymile log online. I love using simple apps! I have an app for my half marathon training and will try out the Nike Training Club app for weights and strength training exercices. For my nutrition goals, I use the MyNetDiary app. I can log in all the food I eat, for meals and snacks, along with how much water I drink. It also keeps track of my exercice if I want to.

Would you like to join me and Kris? Spend the next 12 weeks together focusing on fitness and/or nutrition goals? It's almost summer time, a perfect time to do this, lots of fresh produce, sunshine...What do you say? Let me know in the comments!!

I will "see" you next Sunday for a recap on how my week went. I will share my running log, and hopefully weight training exercices..and maybe even my food log!

ps. I just can't leave a post without a photo..so here is from today. One of my 39 goals is to let my hair grow. I did a first today and splurged on getting my hair coloured at the hairdresser's! She also straightened it for me. It is so silky smooth tonight and it is nice to see how long it truly is already. I think Orion liked it too!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you're joining in. I really need to do more hill work and I've got the perfect place for it without even leaving my subdivision.

    Love the hair color, too. My youngest would be incredibly jealous of that beautiful dog. She would LOVE him.

  2. I LOVE your hair! You look gorgeous!


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