Every year, I start looking ahead to our next "school year" around March. I do enjoy this planning but sometimes it gets to be a little overwhelming. There are more and more choices every year for homeschoolers out there and it's also a time to review what has worked for us and what hasn't, for curriculum and styles too. 

When asked what style of homeschooling we follow, I answer "eclectic". We are truly eclectic.

We use some classical education ideas. The Well Trained Mind was the first homeschool book I read and could relate to.

We also add some Charlotte Mason ideas to the mix, especially for art and music appreciation, shorter lessons and time spent in nature.

We have also done unit studies and lapbooking.

As much as I mention these philosophies, I have always listened to my heart when it comes to homeschooling my three children. I have learned a lot through the years! I think this comes through in various ways:

  • I choose to follow my children's interests and give them freedom to explore them. 
  • We don't follow a specific schedule because it never really worked for us. I prefer to have goals in place and so do my children. They like to know what is expected of them and then follow their own schedule. That can change from day to day. 
  • I follow their pace. If it takes Celeste a little longer to learn how to read, then that is just fine. We take the time, as much as it is needed. If Andre is able to "fly" through his math lessons and still retain what he is learning, then fine. He knows how he learns. I respect that.
About my plans, I chose a mixture of curriculum again this year. I have a wide age and abilities range in just three children, their ages are almost 14, 12, and 7. I try to combine them as much as possible for certain subjects. Adrienne, my oldest, has asked me to let her do more independent work this coming year, and not just for her regular subjects. She wanted to do science, history, and a foreign language on her own. I agreed with her but we are all still doing the same rotation, which means that we are all studying Biology this year and Ancient History. Keeping on the same rotation will be helpful when doing read alouds, movies or even fieldtrips for the whole family. 

I will be adding all our choices with links to the 2011-12 tab at the top of this blog shortly. For now, here is a quick list for you:

Adrienne ~ "Grade 9":

Math: Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1

Grammar: Gage Language Power Gr. 9
Writing & Literature: Lightning Lit 8
Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots B
Spelling: Sequential Spelling
Poetry: IEW Poetry Memorization

Science: Oak Meadow High School Biology
Health & Fitness: Various websites + library books + notebooking + logging her fitness goals and achievements

World History: History of the Ancient World + notebooking

Art & Music Appreciation and Practice: Harmony Art Mom Grade 9 plans + keyboard practice (learn 5 new pieces)

Foreign Language: Oxford Take Off in Spanish

Civics (Canadian Government, Politics and Current Events): Canadians and Their Government Resource Guide + Parliament of Canada Teacher Kit + News on Internet and Newspapers.

Career Planning: What Colour is Your Parachute for Teens

Andre ~ "Grade 7":

Math: Teaching Textbooks 7

Grammar: Gage Language Power Gr. 7
Writing Literature: Lightning Lit 7
Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots A
Spelling: Sequential Spelling
Handwriting: Italics F
Poetry: IEW Poetry Memorization

Science: "Aristotle Leads the Way" Story of Science + notebooking - he will also tag along with Celeste's science for experiments and readings

World History: Ancient Times, Logic Stage from Classical House of Learning Literature

Art & Music Appreciation: Harmony Art Mom plans "Ancient Art and the Orchestra - Middle School Level" + recorder practice (learn 5 new pieces)

Foreign Language: ?

Celeste ~ "Grade 2":

Math: Saxon Math Grade 2

Grammar: First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind (continuing from previous year)
Writing: Writing with Ease Level 1
Phonics: Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading + Explode the Code 2 (continuing from previous year)
Spelling: Natural Speller
Handwriting: Italics C + Draw Write Now 8
Poetry: IEW Poetry Memorization

Science: REAL Science Odyssey Life Level 1

World History: Ancient Times, Grammar Stage from Classical House of Learning Literature

Art Music Appreciation: Harmony Art Mom's plans with Andre


Nature Study: Barb's Nature Challenges + Natural Science Through the Seasons (Canadian)

World Geography and Cultures: Harmony Art Mom's Geography Plans + Mapping the World by Heart

Art Practice: my own plans using Usborne Introduction to Art + Discovering Great Artists.

We are all looking forward to these choices. Adrienne was very involved in the choices this year and I appreciated her help and feedback. We also decided to invest in a microscope for our homeschool and we are all looking forward to it arriving and exploring with it!

As I mentioned at the begining of this post, I will add links and all our choices to the tab "2011-12" at the top of the blog shortly.


  1. You're planning already?! Ahhhh!! I feel behind ... life has really thrown me for a loop and I have a lot to catch up on.

  2. I love how your plans are penciled out. I'm a paper and pen gal too with those kinds of things.

    I think that most of us are eclectic. In today's age we are exposed to so many ideas, it's hard to devote oneself to one philosophy to the exclusion of all others.


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