Summer Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Week 1

We started our summer break this week! We are now only doing a minimum amount of school work. Here is the breakdown from this week:

- Adrienne completed 5 lessons of her TT Math Pre-Algebra
- Andre completed 2 lessons of his TT Math 7
- Celeste and I completed 3 lessons in the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, 3 lessons in First Language Lessons, and she read 3 pages in her Elson Reader. She also read a few other books this week, including Goodnight Moon and The Little Engine That Could.

- Together, we completed five days of our Prehistory Study. We are really enjoying this so far!  

The rest of the days were filled with lots of relaxing and playing! Puzzles came out and paints again. Adrienne is trying out some body painting, on herself and her siblings. We spent time at the park too. A nice and relaxing week for us!

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