Week 1 :: 12-week sprint

 The first week of the 12-week sprint to the finish is done!
There was a few changes this week. First I have decided to not run for a little while. I have found that when I run now, I quickly get light headed and feel really weak. I will be get checked out soon with my doctor, but I also want to stop because I am not enjoying it. I only have a short amount of time to dedicate to fitness and I want to have fun with it! Running hasn't been fun for many months now, more of a check mark on my list of things to do.

This week I completed two workouts on the wii Zumba game. Now, that is fun and challenging!

I also used the Nike Training Club app. I really like this app. You can select your workouts and watch the videos to make sure you are doing the exercices correctly. I completed a total of 75mn. My girls are also doing these with me, which makes it more fun.

Can you tell that fun is an important word for me when it comes to exercising ?

I also walked with Orion, first thing in the morning, every day besides two days. This felt great and he really enjoyed it too. It's amazing how fast dogs think something is routine. After only a couple of days, he followed me around as soon as I got up in the morning!

With my food, I logged 3 days. I keep forgetting to do this, but on the days that I do, it really helps with keeping me focused. I didn't eat a lot of processed food at the beginning of the week. On Friday and the weekend, we did eat out three times. I had to drive around right at meal times and we attended a funeral (with a lunch after it).

This coming week shouldn't be as busy and I am looking forward to my exercices and trying to log my food for longer than 3 days.

Photo of the week... On Wednesday morning at our homeschool park day, I enjoyed my time cuddling this little one for the second week in a row! (Don't mind my hair, it was super windy that day!).


  1. I agree that you need to find activities that you enjoy doing. Who says you have to run. Sounds like you and Orion can have a GREAT time walking, which is also a great cardiovascular workout...especially with a big dog, I'm guessing. LOL

  2. My daughter and I LOVE the Wii Zumba! We've also been having quite a good time with the Wii Just Dance. My arm still hurts from holding the Wii-mote during our dance party on Saturday. LOL.


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