Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Finishing Up!

This time of year is all about finishing up. Even if we enjoy the curriculum or plans we use, we still really enjoying seeing the end of it! It always feels nice to say we have completed this subject or that subject for this "school year".

This week, Adrienne finished her Growing with Grammar 8 workbook. Next year, she will be using a different curriculum for grammar practice since this particular one finishes with grade 8. It is unfortunate because we have really enjoyed it.

In World Geography, we only have one week left! We will study Antarctica next week and then that will be done. I will be writing soon about our plans for next year's geography. We are all looking forward to it!

We also completed our Music and Art Appreciation this week with our study of Antonin Dvorak. Did you know that one of his symphonies, Symphony No. 9, travelled with the space shuttle Appollo 11 in 1969 to the moon? It is a beautiful piece of music. The kids and I enjoyed listening to many parts of his Symphony No. 9 (also called New World Symphony) while we finished work on our artists timeline. You can listen to a part of it in the video below.

We continued with the Mind Maps for Kids book, completing the second chapter which explained what to do with the mind maps. The assignment involved making up a fictional story about a lost jug. My kids complained as usual at first, but then their creativity came through and they had a good time working on their mind maps and all their ideas about the lost jug.

The homeschool swimming lessons are almost finished and Celeste has done great! She really enjoys these lessons and can now almost swim by herself!

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  1. Almost finished up! Your Artist Timeline and Music notebooking page look great! We used the same notebooking page from Harmony Art Mom this year as well! I'm intrigued with Mind Maps! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


  2. Congratulations, Alex! We have miles to go before we finish, I'm afraid. We're already in low power mode for the summer though, with just math, read-alouds, and language arts keeping us going. Those Mind Maps look fabulous! And did you know that Dvorak also has an "American" string quartet that pairs beautifully with the New World Symphony? It's one of my favorite pieces of music.

    FWIW, I passed on the Irresistibly Sweet Award to you, in case you were yearning to write another award post. : )


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