Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Two Weeks Worth and our Summer Plans!

Over the last two weeks, we finished more of our subjects. Celeste and I also worked a lot on her phonics, reading practice, and grammar. Andre did a few lessons in his Teaching Textbooks 7 and Adrienne is working hard at finishing her Math. She had started her Pre-Algebra Teaching Textbooks in January. She gave herself her birthday as a deadline, this means she is doing Math six days a week in order to finish.

We finished our World Geography study last week with Antarctica and a World Review. This curriculum worked really well for us this year and I am looking forward to using it again in combination with Barb's Geography Plans next year.

We also finished our Science study. I can't say we loved learning about physics this year, but we did it!

We spent more time outside over the last two weeks, even did some unplanned nature study (see the "ducks and (dead) mudpuppy" post).

Adrienne and Andre spent last weekend with their Air Cadets Squadron for a Field Training Exercice weekend. They did a lot of different outdoor activities, canoeing, hiking, absailing, and more. They were not allowed to bring any electronics or cameras, so I don't have any photos to share.

Andre finished his short season of floorball. This was his first time and he enjoyed it, even if his particular team lost. He wants to participate again and practice more.

Tomorrow, we start our Summer break! We will continue to do some "school work", mostly Math and reading/phonics because I have learned over the years that my children need this, even if it is just two or three times a week. When we take a long break without any math practice, it is difficult for them to get back to it! We are also going to study a little history through our break.

Here are our plans:

Adrienne: Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra: Monday-Saturday until finished (she has about 25 lessons left).

Andre: Teaching Textbooks 7:  Mondays & Thursdays

Celeste: Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading, First Language Lessons, and Elson Readers: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays.

Together: Prehistoric Times. I started writing our plans to share with you. You can find them below the main blog title in the tabs.  I will keep adding to that post as we go along.

We are planning on starting our new school year August 15. This may change, we will see! I am also working on adding links to our 2011-2011 curriculum list found in the tabs below the main blog title. I hope to be finished by Friday.

If you would like to read more weekly wrap up posts, you can visit Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. You are such a resourceful person. Thanks for sharing. I think we will be involved in some future planning here and with a vision and a plan for us out here in Edmonton, I may not be blogging as much. I may do the wrap-ups instead. We haven't been doing much for academics lately other than reading and a bit of science and nature. I would like to do more blog reading. I've been bad about reading up on what others are doing. We miss you guys!


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