Summer Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Week 3 & 4

Two weeks have gone by so fast! Summer is here and we love it. Here is a quick review of our last two weeks.

The first week we visited my aunt's pool, twice! The kids and I had a lot of fun there and we are so grateful to be able to go there. The weather is really hot and can be humid here too, so an afternoon spent in a swimming pool is perfect.

We continued with our Prehistory study. We learned about the first swamps and forests, the first reptiles and watched the BBC Walking with Monsters documentary. That documentary is part of a series of three and is amazing to watch. I would recommend it, we found this particular title at our local library. I also found it on youtube (the picture quality isn't as great as on DVD):

Adrienne finished her Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra lessons during that first week. She wanted to be finished before her birthday, so she decided to double up her lessons!

Celeste completed one lesson in the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading and practiced reading in her Elson Reader, two pages.

On Saturday, Adrienne and I attended a free outdoor concert given by the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. It was a quintet made up of an oboe, a clarinet, a flute, a bassoon, and a horn. I took a short video of it:

The second week, we basically took the whole week off. On Tuesday, it was Adrienne's birthday. She turned 14!

We could call that week the movie week. We went to the show twice! First was on Adrienne's birthday. She chose to go see Mr. Popper's Penguins. We had listened to the audio book a while ago and were all curious to see this movie version with Jim Carrey. We thought it was quite different from the book, but we loved it anyway. Jim Carrey is very funny! The trailers never show his office assistant, Pippi, but she is a great part of the movie too! 

Adrienne and I went out again to the movies to the midnight showing of the new and last Harry Potter movie.

We met our cousins at the local festival on Saturday and watched parts of the parade and a fun magic show. It was so hot!! We biked there and it was so hot!

The rest of the week we spent at home mostly, trying to keep cool. Another nice relaxing week!

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  1. Doesn't she look comfortable in the pool? LOL I need one of those!

    We saw Mr Popper's Penguins and thought it was very different from the book, but we also enjoyed both. We might see Harry Potter next week as something special for my girl since the boys will be at scout camp.

    Happy 14th!

    Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!

  2. Celeste look so TALL on that floatie, she is growing!!


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