Week 3 & 4 :: 12 Week Sprint


Two weeks have passed since my last update for the 12 week sprint. If this was a real race to the finish, I would be last or maybe I wouldn't even finish it. I am not impressed with myself right now!

I haven't kept track of my food or my workouts. I haven't really done any "workouts" in the last two weeks. I have been physically active, walking every morning with Orion, going for bike rides with my family, but no actual workouts. I also have been eating well, this season is so wonderful for all its fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables easily found. I have paid attention to my sugar intake and to how much water I drink (still not enough H2O). But I  haven't kept track of my food intake.

I usually have a positive attitude about my fitness and healthy eating. I tend to think that since I still am physically active and that I do watch what I eat, I am ok. I think that this is a good attititude to have, but lately I have realized that it isn't helping me get results. What I would like is to loose ten pounds and feel more fit. I am tired of seeing 130-133 on my scale for the last 4-5 years. 10 pounds to loose is not a lot, but I still need to work hard to reach my goal. And I haven't. Just "watching" what I eat and making healthy choices, and making sure I get some exercice everyday...that isn't doing it for me.

So...I need to really get into this challenge. No more just being happy with myself. No more thinking "well, I could do a lot worse" and "it's only a few pounds I need to loose"...etc...

This is it. In next week's update, I need to have a record of at least 5 true workouts. By true, I mean jogging, "fast" biking (not leisure bike ride with the family), Wii workout (zumba or other), Nike training app. I also need to share with you a food log of at least 5 days. If I don't do that, give me crap and remind me of this post, please!!

The challenge is on. Wish me success!


  1. I have found the the closer I get to my goal weight, the slower the weight comes off (with the exception of the first three weeks I was on MFP...then, I think just being fully accountable showed great results). So, even though you've "only" got 10 pounds to lose, that can be challenging.

    It sounds like you're already living a lifestyle that will be great for maintaining your weight, so just a little push to get that 10 pounds off should put you in great shape. Good luck!


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