A Month!

A month has gone by since last time I posted here! I can't believe it's been that much time. Summer has been busy for us and wonderful, lots of beach days, time spent with friends, and fun outings.

I have been busier with my main blog and Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest? I started not long ago and now use it as my main bookmark spot. It's wonderful, visual and well organized.

We started our sixth year of homeschooling August 11. These last two weeks have gone remarkably smoothly. I now have a grade 9, 7 and 2!

I also have chopped off my hair again. It felt so nice to not have that weight, even if it wasn't very long, I was feeling it. Short hair for me is fun and so easy to care. Here is a quick photo I took to show my new hair.

We'll be going camping soon and then things will be a bit more quiet, which will leave me some time for  blogging again. See you then! Enjoy the rest of your summer, I know I will :)