A Morning in Our Life

A Morning in Our Life. There isn't a typical day for us, something new happens every day, but there are similarities and a routine.  Here is a breakdown of our day, yesterday, with a few photos.

I woke up at 7:15. I usually relax for a few minutes and often reflect on the fact that I don't have to rush in the morning and I love that! No kids to rush off to school, no job to rush to. By 7:25 I am up and taking Orion outside.

The girls are still sleeping, Andre (12) already had his breakfast. Since all of us eat breakfast at different times, I usually have breakfast by myself while reading a book or checking my e-mails/facebook/blog.

At 8am, I wake up the girls. Adrienne (14) likes to have 1 hour to get ready for school. This gives her and Celeste (7) plenty of time to have breakfast, and to get ready. Once they are up and awake, I am ready to take Orion for a walk. He is too. We usually walk for about 20 to 30 minutes (around 2km). I love the fresh air in the morning and the little bit of exercice this walk gives us both. I realize how fortunate I am to have children old enough so I can do this. 

When I get back, Celeste is ready for me to do her school work. Adrienne has started her math and Andre is almost done his. Celeste and I sit at our table and start with Math. We then work through all her Language Arts: handwriting, phonics, grammar, reading aloud, and writing. 

We take little tiny breaks and I check to make sure Adrienne and Andre are still working on their independent work. Adrienne works on her math in our bedroom. She likes the quiet there.

Celeste and Andre are now both at the table, it's around 10:40. On average, it takes all of us 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete Math and Language Arts.

Around 11am, Andre reads his history and science. He completes his notes from his reading. Before doing that, he sat with Celeste and I while I read aloud her history and science. We also did a little science lab work together.

11:50, almost lunch time! Andre and Celeste go outside to play. I check e-mails and facebook again. Adrienne is finishing her science reading assignment.

Around 12:30, the kids have their lunch and I have a Usborne Books web meeting.

That's the end of our school day for that day. We started back-to-school last week and are adding subjects on throughout this week and next.

The kids spend most of the afternoon outside playing with their friends. After my web meeting, I took care of the usual, laundry, kitchen, clean-up, etc...and prepared our lessons for tomorrow.

Every day is truly different, I picked a pretty boring day to document. The day before, we had spent the afternoon at the beach after our school work was done!

Some days go very smoothly, others not so much! There wasn't any major drama from any of the children that morning. Besides the earthquake in the afternoon, it was a truly uneventful day. Sometimes, those types of days are the best, don't you think?