Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Week Two

This past week was our second week back and it went really well. We continued working on Math and Language Arts and we added history, science, world geography, and art to our schedule. We ended up completing four days of school work. We took Friday off and met our homeschool group at the local splash pad/park. The weather was awesome and we took advantage of that this week. We went to the beach twice!

In history, we are studying the ancient civilizations. Celeste and Andre are using Classical House of Learning History Literature Guides and Story of the World 1. Andre is doing the logical level and Celeste the grammar stage.
We started by reading about different creation myths. Celeste and Andre made a representation of what I read in Crayola Model Magic . We have never worked with it  We liked it but I think we still prefer playdough or plasticine.

This week, Andre read  "Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos" and really enjoyed it.

Adrienne is reading The History of the Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer for her history and narrating it.

On Tuesday, we added Science to our routine. Adrienne started her high school biology course from Oak Meadow. She read through the first chapter, answered all the related questions and completed a lab. Celeste came along for the lab halfway through it. Who knew pH strips could be so much fun! I don't think the dog and the cats enjoyed getting their saliva tested, but they were patient with the kids!

Celeste and Andre are also studying biology this year. Celeste is using REAL Science Odyssey . She learned how to tell if something is a living thing or not. We had fun with her first lab! She had to guess if a rock, a bike, a plant and people were alive and then check. She was laughing hard when I was holding the rock and asked her if I should be careful because it might relieve itself in my hand! Science is fun for her and I am so happy to see that. Andre tagged along and had fun too, he also read the first chapter from the Story of Science and narrated it.

On Wednesday, we added World Geography. I am really looking forward to this subject. Geography is always one of my favourites, and this year we are using Barb's (Harmony Art Mom) plans. This is a high school plan, but I am using it with all 3 of my kids, adjusting it as needed. We started by reading from the What The World Eats book and on Thursday, we read the introduction from Usborne World Religions. Adrienne and Andre narrated what I read in the religions book, explaining what religion is and what all the world religions have in common.

On Thursday, we added art appreciation. I am using Barb's plans for that too. We used her plans last year and it really helped. I found in previous years that art and music appreciation were easily forgotten. Not any more! Andre and Celeste are doing the same level together which matches with our history period. Adrienne is also following her history rotation. We all started by reading and viewing cave art. Andre, Celeste and I then did a simple art project suggested in the plans: take a brown paper bag, crumple it and then smooth it out. Using oil pastels or crayons, draw some cave art. Celeste, who is not into crafts, really loved doing this! I did too. I always enjoy taking the time to do art projects with my kids. It's relaxing and fun (my cave art is the last one).

This was another great week for us! How was yours?

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