Dash the Snail

We have been having a lot of fun studying this little snail. We found him last week near the library. Celeste wanted to bring it home and I agreed because I remembered that our science curriculum included a snail study.

After bringing him home, we made him his own little habitat. We used a peach container at first, then he moved up to a small pet habitat.

We take the snail out of the habitat every day while we do our science and observe it. We learned all about the different body parts and that a snail is both male and female. We saw its mouth. We haven't been able to observe it eating yet, but it does eat the cucumber slices we put in its habitat. We measured it too, it's 4 cm in length.

Andre named it "Dash" because of the marks it leaves on the paper:

It's been a lot of fun to be able to observe Dash! We will release it very soon in the same spot where we found it last week. For now, it is enjoying daily exercice on paper. Andre wishes we could find a second snail so that maybe they would race!

I have a few books coming from the library and will share the ones that we really enjoyed soon with you.


  1. We love snails at our house and we regularly rescue them (move off the sidewalk and put back into a garden) on our walk to school.

    I misread what you wrote above and thought you wrote, "We haven't been able to eat it yet..." Glad to see that you are actually not planning on eating it! :)


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