Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Back to it!

After a nice relaxing week of camping, we are now back to our routine!

Monday was a little slow, the mountain of laundry had to be taken care of first, but we still managed to catch up on history, literature, and geography.

The rest of the week was very productive. We completed all the lessons in Math and Language Arts that needed to be done this week.

We learned about cells in Biology and finished reading Mummies in the Morning for Celeste's Ancient History. Andre is almost finished reading the Tales of Ancient Egypt. He has enjoyed this book a lot. 

For literature, Adrienne has been reading Treasure Island and Andre is reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Their assignments this week is only reading, so it has been a week filled with reading!

We did a little bit of art during our Art Appreciation time on Thursday. We wrapped up our study of Prehistoric Art with some aboriginal art, and our version of it. I don't think our hearts were in it this time, but we still had fun.

We started our Music Appreciation today with reading and listening to the Story of the Orchestra. We have used this book before to learn about the orchestra and we love it. It is well written, informative, and we all enjoy listening to little pieces of music that illustrate what we just read. Today we read about string instruments. 

We visited the local library a couple of times this week. They already have Halloween books! Celeste loves Halloween stories!

How was your week? You can read other homeschoolers wrap up posts at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. Love the aboriginal art! They turned out so well.

  2. How funny about the Halloween books! MY daughter came home with a bunch on Wednesday! We have weeks before Halloween, but I know it sometimes "sneaks" up on us. Stoppng by from Kris's Weekly Wrap-up!

  3. Your art projects turned out fantastic! It is always tough to get going after a vacation (especially after camping which is as much work as vacation!). I am impressed that you accomplished so much.


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