Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Week Three

This week was a bit on the light side, but we still accomplished a lot.

We completed two full days of Math and Language Arts. Celeste seems to still be struggling with some of her reading, but I do see a little progress. I think we just need to keep practicing and finding books that interest her.

In Science, we took a nature walk. In the lab we were doing, we had to choose a spot and note all the living and non-living things we could see in that spot.
Adrienne also continued with her high school science. She completed her second lab and finished all her assignment questions for the first two chapters. Even though she is following a completely different curriculum, we are learning about the same things!

In History, we started our study of Ancient Egypt. We are using Story of the World, the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History, and a selection of novels and picture books. This week, we read several versions of Cinderella by Shirley Climo including The Egyptian Cinderella. We are also reading Mummies in the Morning, which Celeste really likes. Andre is reading Tales of Ancient Egypt.

Our Art Appreciation was really interesting, we continued reading about and viewing prehistoric art. We also made some red clay sculptures of our own!

In World Geography and Cultures, we started reading Free The Children by Craig Kielburger. This is a very interesting book so far. We knew about the organization Free The Children, but it's great to read how it all started in more details. We also continued reading about world religions.

Adrienne finished the Medieval Castle that we started two years ago! Her cat Clara loves it. She has been sleeping in it every day.

We spent most of Friday at the park and splashpad with our homeschool group. It was a great day. On the way home, we stopped at the skateboard park. It was super hot and humid that day so we didn't stay long, but the kids loved it!

We had another great week, enjoying the gorgeous weather while still getting some school work done.

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  1. I love the cat in the castle. Those arensom great red figures too looks like a great week.

  2. I'm not a home schooler but I do love your blog!I agree that even when your not trying really hard to acomplish that you can manage alot without even trying!

  3. I love your hands on history studies!



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