Homemade Christmas Gifts ~ Getting Started!

Did you miss me? I took a break from blogging here at my corner for most of the summer. I am back now to our regular routine of homeschooling and getting organized for Christmas. I prefer to make gifts instead of buying them, so this year will be a homemade Christmas again.

I started this summer Andre's gift. See this pile of old t-shirts? I am making him a scarf with these. This T-shirt scarf will be so soft and comfortable. I am using this tutorial: T-shirt scarves: The Art of Repurposing.

I am making a flannel quilt for Adrienne. I found some fun fabrics at our local Fabricland. She likes rectangles instead of squares. At first, I thought I was going to make her a rag quilt, but then we both decided on a basic rectangle quilt pattern like this one from Simple Quilts & Sewing:

Celeste always likes to keep me company when I am sewing/quilting or cooking, so here she is working on the felt garland that we started last year. Adrienne and Andre are out with the Air Cadets for a day of gliding.

I am going to do a little makeover on this blog over the next couple of weeks. I hope you have enjoyed the last couple of months. I am happy to be back!