We love library book sales!

Before grocery shopping Saturday morning, Adrienne and I stopped at the library book sale. It was really busy, but we managed to find some nice books!

Prices were 10 cents for soft cover and 25 cents for hard cover.

I especially like the DK travel guides we bought for 10 cents a piece. We'll be using these this year as we study our world geography. I thought we could read them and then use some of the beautiful photos for our notebook pages.

Not in the photo is one of Shane Peacock's Boy Sherlock Holmes books that Adrienne was so pleased to find.

We ran into a few other local homeschoolers at the book sale. Homeschoolers love books and great prices!


  1. Our prices are slightly higher ranging from .25/.50 soft cover to .50/1.00 for hardcover for children's books. The adult books are generally double. However, when you compare to the prices of new and you realize that some of these have never been read, you really can't beat the deals.

    I just sent a box full of books I found for a family member that homeschools out of state. Even with the cost of media mail shipping you still can't beat the deals when you see the wonderful selections people donate.

  2. We love them too! On the last day of the sale week our library lets you fill a box for $3.00. We got some great books awhile back. My youngest found a book that she loves called The Used Up Bear. After looking online to see if there was a series of them, I found out that it could be worth up to 200.00. We could never sell it but its pretty cool what you can find. Love the books you all got!

  3. I may have squealed a little bit when I saw all those field guides. I -love- those things, but they're not sold where I live. -sigh- :P


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